About Us

What Is Whaley Golf?

Whaley Golf is a golf apparel and accessory brand based on 101 handmade NFT characters, known as the "Whaley Golf Club". Holders of Whaley NFTs have access to royalties from any merchandise sales depicting their respective NFT's Whaley design, theme, pattern, etc. Owning a Whaley also gives you access to an exclusive club of holders with added value over time, with full transparency on the Ethereum blockchain.

How Can I Join The Whaley Golf Club?

Full membership to the Whaley Golf Club is granted through purchase of a Whaley NFT, which can be found at https://opensea.io/collection/whaleygolfclub, however, you may still join our Discord community to connect with fellow golfers and Whaley fans at https://discord.gg/whaleygolf

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Member?

Members will enjoy early access to product drops, exclusive drops, discounts, as well as access to our events and tournaments, giveaways, community contests, and other real world and virtual benefits. 

What Does It Cost To Be A Member?

As our collection is sold out, prices on secondary sales can fluctuate. Check out our OpenSea page to see what Whaley NFT's are available to purchase here!

What Products Will Be Available?

We aim to provide both soft (polos, qzips, t-shirts, hats, etc) and hard goods (headcovers, towels, bags, etc.). Check the website regularly to keep up to date, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get first notice of new product drops.